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When Fear The Walking Dead returned to television on Sunday September 8 for Season 3B, things got off to a great start with some amazingly tense scenes that didn't boil over like we expected them to. However, they may begin to do so as the season picks up the pace. Even Victor Strand was caught in a volatile situation of his own during the premiere episode and it looks like Sunday night's newest episode will show just how volatile things will be.

After their last encounter ended with the Strand and Daniel departing on bad terms, Strand is rightfully hesitant to speak with him. And while most fans are wondering how that next meeting is going to play out, we may already have an answer. Thanks to a new clip posted to earlier this week, a glimpse at their reunion shows them coming to terms. Check out the short clip below:

As you can see, Strand accidentally comes across Daniel near some type of underground pipeline. He doesn't just meet one of Daniel's subordinates either. They're in each other's faces and Daniel has a gun pointed at him. It looks like Daniel is going to kill Strand when he calls out to him with an "hijo de puta", which means "son of a bitch" in Spanish — and that's never something you want someone call you in any language. Fortunately for Strand, Madison appears just in time to stop the execution.

Will Daniel Be Reunited With Ofelia Again?

When Madison announces herself, Daniel continues his approach towards shooting Strand but she's able to convince him that Strand wasn't lying about Ofelia. At the same time, she informs Daniel that Ofelia is safe and sound back at the Otto ranch. Daniel looks relieved by the news, and seemingly appears to soften at the notion of reuniting with his daughter. It's yet to be seen if they'll reach each other, but the pieces are falling into place for that to happen. Let's just hope Daniel can keep his crazed half under control long enough to see his daughter. His unpredictable nature has labeled him a wild-card in the past, but the prospect of finding Ofelia again will likely overpower any impulse he has on the way to her.

'Fear The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'Fear The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

Bear in mind that this is the world of The Walking Dead, after all. With so many variables factoring into each and every situation they come across, any significant slip-up can result in the death of a character. In light of that, we should be prepared for any kind of conclusion, fortunate or not, to Daniel's story arc especially if an obstacle in their way prevents him from making it back to Ofelia alive. We should also keep in mind that the panicked state of those at the ranch could mean Ofelia dies before Daniel arrives.

There's lots of questions to be answered, especially when it comes to Daniel and Ofelia's possible reunion, and hopefully some of them will be answered on Sunday night's episode.

'Fear The Walking Dead' airs Sundays on AMC.

'The Walking Dead' returns for its eighth season on October 22, 2017.

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