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Season 8 of The Walking Dead and its "All Out War" story arc from the comics have yet to begin, and the big question has come up yet again: Will Rick Grimes die this season on ?

Poor Rick. Once upon a time, Robert Kirkman revealed that our protagonist will die (eventually) in the show. Earlier this year Kirkman again mentioned the possibility of the character's death. The comics love to tease us about his demise. Hell, even Andrew Lincoln himself has a vision for how he'd like to see Rick meet his maker.

So what's a Grimes to do? Especially now that Kirkman has shown us on Fear the Walking Dead that he's not afraid to — hold up! Spoiler alert time.

As I was saying, especially now that Kirkman has shown us that he's not afraid to kill off the main character.

Fear The Walking Dead's Travis Manawa Is No More

'Fear the Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'Fear the Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

Or, if the internet hopefuls are to be believed, he's “allegedly” no more. By the time the Season 3 opener was over, viewers witnessed Travis (Cliff Curtis) and the helicopter he was riding in get shot up, a bullet hitting Travis in the neck, Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) discovering what appeared to be a bite wound on his side, and lastly, the main character of the show falling out of the chopper and to his death.

But he's the main character of the show! How can he possibly die? Well, unlike Glenn and the scandal of The Walking Dead's Season 6, Travis doesn't appear to have an out here. Shot in the neck and a possible bite mark on the side? The writers could pull a Choppergate on us with that information alone. Falling out of the chopper to the mountains below? It does not look good for Travis, or the star of the other show, for that matter.

Rick Grimes Is In Trouble

The Walking Dead and its sister show have shown us time and time again that nobody is safe. And time and time again, we've said that Rick Grimes is the show. He's the leader. Well, Travis was the main man on , and without him there isn't a true leader left, honestly. Madison, Nick, Alicia — none of them are cut out to lead much of anything. Guess what happens if Rick bites it, say, in the Season 8 opener of ? We have at least half a dozen survivors who could step up and take over — Michonne being one of them.

So get your riot gear out, folks. 's days could be severely numbered.

The Walking Dead returns with Season 8 in October. Catch Episode 3 of Fear the Walking Dead's Season 3 on Sunday, June 11 at 9 p.m. Does this point of view change your opinion on whether or not Rick could die, even as soon as the Season 8 premiere? Lay it out in the comments below.


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