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Even Rick Grimes would be shocked by this one.

Although Fear the Walking Dead has struggled to win over most fans of The Walking Dead, the companion series' writers have worked hard to give audiences more of what they want — hordes of zombies to run from and lunatics capitalizing off of the apocalypse — all while remaining relatively grounded.

has delivered plenty of extravagant zombie kills, ranging from survivors using a street sign as a weapon to driving two cars with wires tied between them to slice zombies in half. But its spinoff just surpassed it with the craziest walker death in the franchise's history — watch below, it's electrifying:

In Season 3, Episode 4, titled "100," fans were greeted by the return of a presumed-dead Daniel Salazar. We discovered that, after Daniel burned down Celia's compound halfway through Season 2, a man named Efrain saved him from the fire. After recovering from his injuries, Daniel was ready to again travel out in the world to find his daughter, Ofelia.

As he ventured out into the thunderous night, he immediately faced off against two walkers, taking one down and then breaking his crutch on the second. As he kneeled down and prayed before his death, a lightning bolt struck the other zombie in the head, killing it and knocking Daniel back a few feet and unconscious.

While it may sound a bit slapstick and over-the-top that a perfectly timed lightning strike saved Daniel from certain death, actually witnessing it was a completely different and intense sight. Thanks to the effective use of chilling music and grounded special effects, fans were treated to the craziest death TWD's universe has seen yet.

With 12 episodes left this season, there's no telling what lies ahead — especially with things ramping up for Daniel and Victor on the road, as well as for the Clark family on the survivalist ranch. Here's a look at the upcoming episode for next week's Fear:

What's been your favorite kill in TWD universe? Let us know in the comments below!


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