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If you're having a hard time coping during the long hiatus between The Walking Dead Season 7a and 7b, then know that you're not alone. In fact there are millions of us worldwide counting down until the show finally returns on February 12.

Rick get his gun back on The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]
Rick get his gun back on The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]

But while we wait for Rick and co to regroup and hopefully take down the biggest villain the series has seen so far, why not immerse yourself in another story from within the Walking Dead universe with the web series Fear the Walking Dead: Passage? You may have already caught part of this short series, which has been airing week-to-week with The Walking Dead, but if the series some how passed you by now is the perfect time to catch up.

So far we've seen eight episodes of the 16-part miniseries, which is set in the same time as Fear the Walking Dead (that is, closer to the start of the outbreak than where is currently taking place). Jump into the latest zombie drama and check out what you've missed so far.

Part 1

We're introduced to Sierra, a capable survivor wearing a Hazmat suit in the middle of a deserted military camp, who spots the injured Gabi attempting to follow her.

Part 2

Knowing Gabi is following her, but not why, Sierra puts her Hazmat suit on a walker to act as a distraction. When Sierra manages to sneak up on Gabi, she forces the woman to admit that she was following her because she was able to kill the walkers while she was not. Gabi also tells Sierra that she twisted her ankle while on the road, but she was not bitten.

Part 3

After the pair climb a watchtower to survey the area and see what options they have, Gabi reveals that she knows about a tunnel which leads under the border with Mexico and that her boyfriend is checking out the tunnel now. Sierra agrees to accompany Gabi south to the tunnel.

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Part 4

As the pair walk south, Sierra tells Gabi that she's originally from LA, and left when the military rolled into town, and Gabi talks about how she lost her sister due to the fact that she was unable to put down zombies. In an act of kindness, Sierra then teaches Gabi how to kill a walker, instructing her to stab them in the eye, temple or base of the skull.

Part 5

As Sierra and Gabi near the tunnel, they enter a construction site and Sierra encourages Gabi to test out her new zombie-killing knowledge on a walker. However before Gabi is able to put the walker down, an unknown shooter guns the walker down, spraying Gabi with blood.

Part 6

It's revealed that the shooter is Colton, Gabi's boyfriend, and although the pair seem happy to be reunited, he's suspicious of Sierra. Gabi assures her boyfriend that after her sister was killed by the walkers Sierra was the only reason she was able to make it safely to him.

Part 7

In part seven Colton agrees to let Sierra accompany them through the tunnel, though after sending Gabi down first, he then turns on Sierra and attempts to shoot her. Thinking fast, Sierra stabs Colton in the leg and quickly climbs down into the tunnel.

Part 8

As Sierra makes it into the tunnel, she tells Gabi what Colton attempted to do, meanwhile above an injured Colton yells down to Gabi that the tunnel is unsafe. After telling Gabi that Colton never would have returned for her, she takes off down the tunnel, and after a moment of hesitancy, Gabi turns to follow Sierra only to see her hit a trip wire.

The Walking Dead Season 7b returns to AMC in February.


If you were in Sierra's position would you have helped Gabi?


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