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AMC released the first poster for the upcoming third season of . The new season will premiere in a few months - on June 4, to be exact - but the stakes are high with the new poster.

In the art, Nick (Frank Dillane) is in profile, with La Muerte drawn on his face in blood. The poster's wording is also strong: "Fear what you become" is a clear nod to Nick's change of heart in the course of the two previous seasons of Fear the Walking Dead.

New art for 'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 3
New art for 'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 3

Indeed, if I were anyone in that new survivors' camp, I'd really fear what Nick has and could become. Spending some time among them, Nick has an unique view of how things work in this apocalyptic scenario. Last season, Nick found yet another community who saw the undead not as killable creatures, but as people who were simply awaiting their time to be reborn. Of course, things didn't go according to plan and, once more, Nick was disappointed by those he trusted the most.

Nick has been through hell in back in 'Fear The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
Nick has been through hell in back in 'Fear The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

Most notably last season, nstead of simply leaving Alejandro, Luciana, and the others behind, Nick convinced them to try and reach what seemed like a survivors' camp, only to be ambushed and shot at by said survivors. It's fair to say Nick's journey has seen its share of betrayal and awful surprises - none of which Nick seems ever ready to face. But he's found his place amongst the chaos and, most importantly, Nick understands what he needs to do to keep himself and those he loves alive.

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Let's hope this upcoming season finds Nick gaining some measure of peace...for once.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 premieres on June 4, on AMC.


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