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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Fear The Walking Dead.

Sunday nights currently belong to AMC's The Walking Dead but with only six weeks left of the hit zombie series, it look's like we're going to have to say goodbye to Rick, Carol, Negan and the group for a while.

However, if you just can't live without your weekly dose of this post apocalyptic universe then you'll be pleased to hear that spin off series Fear The Walking Dead will be returning to screens for a third season this summer. While that may seem quite a while away, AMC has released a detailed synopsis, as well as a series of colorful new photos, to tide you over until then.

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Despite some arguing that Fear The Walking Dead isn't comparable to its parent show, I would largely disagree. The prequel series fills in the blanks and has given us some important details that The Walking Dead has left out. It also showed the outbreak of the zombie virus — something that we had never seen due to Rick's coma in the pilot of The Walking Dead.

About to enter it's third season, Fear The Walking Dead will no doubt delve further into the beginnings of the apocalypse. Check out the official press release for Season 3 below.

As "Fear the Walking Dead" returns for season three, our families will be brought together in the vibrant and violent ecotone of the U.S.-Mexico border. International lines done away with following the world’s end, our characters must attempt to rebuild not only society, but family as well. Madison (Kim Dickens) has reconnected with Travis (Cliff Curtis), her apocalyptic partner, but Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) has been fractured by her murder of Andres. Madison's son mere miles from his mother, Nick’s (Frank Dillane) first action as a leader saw Luciana (Danay Garcia) ambushed by an American militia group — the couple escaped death, but Nick no longer feels immortal. Recovering both emotionally and physically, Strand (Colman Domingo) has his sights set on harnessing the new world’s currency, and Ofelia's (Mercedes Mason) captivity will test her ability to survive and see if she can muster the savagery of her father.

Strand Has Things On His Mind

[Credit: Michael Desmond/AMC]
[Credit: Michael Desmond/AMC]

The first image shows a lonesome Strand, clearly pre-occupied with his thoughts. Of course, it's hard to miss the fact that he's covered in blood which can only lead us to speculate about where it came from — could Strand encounter another walker in the hotel or perhaps he finds himself in a disagreement with one of the hotel residents and lashes out?

Last we saw Strand he bid farewell to Madison, who was forced to leave the Rosario Beach Hotel at the request of the other residents. It will be interesting to see if he will re-unite with the others at some point in Season 3 or if his journey will take him elsewhere.

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What Will Happen With Madison And Travis?

[Credit: Michael Desmond/AMC]
[Credit: Michael Desmond/AMC]

Madison and Travis have had quite the rocky relationship on the show so far and the second season saw matters taken to the extreme when Travis' son Chris went off the rails and started murdering the living. Travis' separation from Madison sent him into over the edge and after, Chris was killed by his so-called new friends, he found his way back to his lover.

However, the events of the Season 2 finale saw Travis brutally murder the guys responsible for Chris' death. As the couple explore this new, zombie infested reality their morals are brought into question and the idea of right and wrong no longer applies — but will Madison be able to accept the new, killer Travis? According to the press release, the pair have reconnected in Season 3, but has Madison truly let go of Travis' murderous instinct? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Are Nick And Luciana In Danger?

[Credit: Michael Desmond/AMC]
[Credit: Michael Desmond/AMC]

The last time we saw Nick he was leading Luciana to safety as they crossed the border, however the pair were then attacked by an American militia group. Assuming they've escaped danger because they're alive in the photo above, what's the next step for the young couple?

Nick has proven himself to be fearless where the dead are concerned but now he's actually dealing with living threats and while they may not be of the Negan caliber just yet, they're still pretty scary. Moreover, with his mother Madison pretty close, could the pair finally re-unite and reconcile in Season 3? Let's hope so — they've been separated for a pretty long time now.

Fear The Walking Dead may not have Negan, but it has a compelling storyline that could rival its parent show . Whether you love or hate the hit spin off series, there's no denying that it's not afraid to go in its own direction — something that every good spin off should do. This new information has made us extremely excited for the upcoming third season and we can't wait to find out what's next for Nick, Madison and the other survivors.

Fear The Walking Dead returns to AMC in the Summer. Has this new information made you uncontrollably excited for Season 3? Tell us in the comment section below.


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