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Fear The Walking Dead may not bring in the same viewing figures as its parent show, The Walking Dead, but that hasn't stopped fans from praising the latest season. Since the spinoff series returned to screens last month for its third season, viewers have been in awe of the great storytelling, remarkable acting and shocking moments that the AMC series has bestowed upon us. Gone are the shackles of The Walking Dead and Fear has learned to live on its own as an equally incredible series.

The third season hit its halfway point this past Sunday, meaning that we must bid farewell to the AMC juggernaut for several months. This run of passed particularly quickly due to the double episode premiere and mid-season finale, meaning that despite airing eight episodes, the AMC show has only been on the air for six weeks.

Although we are saddened that the time has come to bid farewell to Madison, Nick, Alicia, Daniel and Strand for a short while, the show went out in the best way possible, leaving viewers wanting more. Let's take a look at the greatest moments from both "The Unveiling" and "Wrath."

1. Ofelia Is Back

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

The mid-season finale began with Alicia and Jake heading off to make a deal with the ranch's enemy, Walker. As the pair arrived at Walker's base, their foe invited them in to have a meal. After discussing terms, Jake and Walker agreed to make a deal, but first Jake would have to discuss it over with his father, Jeremiah.

One of Walker's companions placed a plate of food in front of Alicia. As Alicia looked up to thank the woman, she lost her expression — it was Ofelia! She's finally back, but why is she working with Walker?

2. All Hell Breaks Loose As Nick Falls Sick And Ofelia Escapes

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

The conclusion to the first part of the mid-season finale saw all hell break loose at the Otto Ranch. Earlier in the episode, Ofelia had persuaded Madison, Nick and Alicia that she was beaten by Walker (and she had the bruises to prove it) so the Clarks agreed to look after her and let her stay at the ranch. Unfortunately, it turned out that Ofelia was playing them, and that it was all part of Walker's big scheme to cause a distraction.

While working in the ranch's kitchen, Ofelia poisoned the food and many of the ranch soldiers died. As a result, their were zombies everywhere. As usual, the Clark family ran to the aid of the settlers, taking out several zombies. However, just as Nick worked out that Ofelia was responsible, he began violently throwing up. Knowing what she had done, Ofelia made a run for it. However, Madison was able to apprehend her former ally before she escaped.

3. Madison's Backstory Revealed

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Alicia discovered that Troy was responsible for the deaths of Vernon, Gretchen and Mike, and was furious that Madison covered for him. Alicia accused her mother of being unemotional, calling her "a corpse." Madison retaliated by telling her daughter that she had no idea of the demons that she had to carry in the past, insisting that there was something we, as viewers, didn't know about the character.

We didn't have long to wait to find out, though, because Madison took the opportunity to explain to her children (and the viewers for that matter) why she is so hardened. Turns out that her father was an alcoholic and he continually beat Madison's mother. When Madison was a young girl, she shot her father while he was hungover from the night before, unable to watch her mother suffer any longer. We knew something had hardened Madison, but I think we all assumed it was the apocalypse. We definitely never saw that coming!

4. Nick Kills Jeremiah

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

As the episode continued, viewers became more and more aware that Walker wasn't all that bad. In fact, it became evident that Jeremiah was the one in the wrong — he had poached the land and killed the inhabitants many years prior to the apocalypse. As a result, Walker made a deal with Madison: if she gave him Jeremiah's scalp, he would let her people continue living on the ranch.

Madison entered Jeremiah's place and begged the old man to do the right thing: kill himself. However, stubborn old Jeremiah remained steadfast in his position — he wasn't going to surrender to Walker. Unable to convince him, Madison pointed the gun at him. After a few moments, Nick entered the house and Jeremiah began shouting insults at his former friend. However, before he could finish another sentence, Nick shot Jeremiah in the head; he also knew what needed to be done.

5. Madison Makes The Deal With Walker

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

The episode concluded with Madison meeting Walker. As the ranch's new leader approached Walker, she dropped a small schoolbag at his feet. Confused, Walker bent down and unzipped the bag. He was shocked by what he saw and, although the hit AMC series chose not to focus too long on the contents of the bag, we saw enough to know that Jeremiah's head was inside — the deal had been done and the war between the two colonies had come to an end.

Whether or not the two groups can live in peace and harmony remains to be seen, but one thing's for sure: we'll never question Madison's loyalty to her children again.

And there you have it. Who knows what lies ahead for the Clark family and their new allies when the hit spinoff show returns later this year. Although one would argue that the primary reason the show is taking a hiatus is to avoid clashing with HBO's juggernaut Game of Thrones which returns to screens for its seventh season next week, we can rest assured AMC will air the remainder of Fear before The Walking Dead returns in October. After an incredible first half of the season, we cannot wait to see what the apocalypse holds next for our survivors.

Fear The Walking Dead returns in the fall.

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