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The seventh season of came to a close in a huge way on Sunday, leaving fans with a -shaped hole in our hearts. With the show now on hiatus until October, there is only one thing that could help us with our withdrawals, and that is Walking Dead spin off series .

It was recently revealed that the hit prequel series would air its upcoming third season in June, but an exact date hadn't been revealed. However, that all changed during the final instalment of on Sunday night when host Chris Hardwick revealed that Fear The Walking Dead will return to AMC on Sunday, June 4th.

To tide us over until then, AMC has released a short teaser. Check it out below:

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[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

The Walking Dead's conclusion on Sunday night means that we'll have to wait until October to find out what comes next for Rick, Carol, Daryl and the rest of the gang as they take the next step in the war against Negan. What better way to spend that time than to catch up with Madison, Nick, Travis and Alicia as they navigate through the end of civilization during the beginning of the zombie apocalypse?

Last we saw our survivors, Madison had reunited with Travis, and together the couple searched high and low for Madison's son, Nick, who went off on his own journey of self-discovery earlier in the season. The Season 2 finale saw Nick and Luciana attempt to cross the border before being attacked by an armed group, leaving us with huge questions that need answering. With Season 3 mere months away, we may finally get the answers we've been looking for.

Fear The Walking Dead and Talking Dead return to AMC on June 4th.


Are you excited for Season 3 of 'Fear The Walking Dead'?

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