BySophie Atkinson, writer at
Sophie Atkinson

Marvel's PR department is in overdrive at the mo, working to fuel expectations for next year's blockbusters. Most recently, they released the first poster for 2014's Captain America: The Winter Soldier on their Pinterest page.

The image shows Captain America's iconic shield looking the worse for wear - perhaps indicating the darker themes of the sequel.

The sequel centers on soldier Steve Rogers () battling the eponymous Winter Soldier, an assassin who also happens to be his brainwashed best friend.

I like this poster a lot - I think in the bombastic world of blockbusters, a little 'less is more' goes a long way. It's stark and minimal enough to intrigue and is a genuinely striking image. But does it give enough away? Let me know what you think of the poster and whether you're hyped for The Winter Soldier below.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is currently set to debut in theaters April 4th, 2014.


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