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Mark Newton

If you're a fan of Alien (and by association Predator and Prometheus) then these last couple of weeks have given you some pretty awesome goodies.

Last week, video game fans and sci-fi nerds alike gasped at the first footage from the upcoming horror survival video game Alien: Isolation, and now we've got a first look at Dark Horse's comic reboot of the series.

Dark Horse is releasing four comic-books set in the shared Alien-Predator-Prometheus universe and they've just given the internet the first peek at the rather awesome cover art. Check them out below:

Aliens #1, cover by David Palumbo.

Predator #1 cover variant by Alex Maleev.

Aliens Vs. Predator #1 cover by E.M. Gist.

Prometheus #1 cover by David Palumbo.

Want to find more about these comics? Then head over to io9 to read a lengthy interview with the Editor-in-Chief Scott Allie.

In the meantime, why not tell me which is your favorite cover below.


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