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Karly Rayner

I was never very good at optical illusions. Magic-eye did nothing but make me look like a cross eyed Siamese cat and those rotating illusion tunnels just have me hurling on my shoes. This however is an illusion that I can swallow and devour second helpings of.


They say that threes a crowd but the four perky puppies in these images just aren't enough for me. There is something about Brittany Palmer and Arianny Celeste's awesome coloured orbs that makes me want to be utterly surrounded by them. If only I could add 'ball pool of exquisite painted breasts' to my Amazon wishlist because, I have just realised this is the thing I most desire in life.

Is it just me who has a newly formed fetish for 'face' paint?

(Source: Drunken Stepfather)


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