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Mark Newton

What's the best news you could get today? No, I'm afraid teleportation hasn't been invented, but we've got the next best thing. In a recent WonderCon panel and Evil Dead remake director hinted that a franchise crossover movie could happen!

According to Geek Tyrant, a fan asked the pair whether the old crafted Evil Dead world would ever collide with Alvarez's modern resurrection. After some goading from Campbell, Alvarez revealed that ideally this would happen! Boo ya!

Alvarez said his dream would be to see two franchises combining into one massive, and no doubt bloody, movie. He explained that he would like to make a sequel to his remake while Sam Raimi started work on his own Evil Dead sequel, Army of Darkness 2. Once both of these were in the can, the two directors could smash their worlds together in an epic seventh movie, to which Campbell coyly replied: "I think seven is a nice number."

Although this sounds like a feasible and practical plan, I'm afraid I have to pour cold water on your hopes by explaining this is all VERY unofficial. Alvarez reiterated that this was just his desire and no studio was behind it... yet.

Even so, it sounds like a great plan, right? Should they combine, or should Raimi's world be kept as its own? Let me know below.


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