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Avengers: Infinity War is now about ten months away — which, depending on your appetite for superhero movies which threaten the end of the world as we know it, is either a frustratingly long time or rather too close. Babies will be conceived, carried and birthed in that period, but never one to miss a hype-building opportunity, Kevin Feige is already doing what he does best.

Feige, the undisputed master of giving extremely vague hints about future films which give away almost nothing but still whip up storms of excitement across the internet, has been talking in loose terms to the Toronto Sun this week about how November's Thor: Ragnarok will connect with .

Here's exactly what he had to say on that matter:

"I think that we are finding ourselves as we complete Phase 3 and finish this 22-movie narrative that it’s working out that way. We did three Iron Man films, three Captain America films, three Thor films. Things change drastically in 'Ragnarok' and then build directly into 'Infinity War'."

Will Hela Live To Punish Thor Another Day?

Being the penultimate film before Infinity War (with just Black Panther in between), it's not exactly shocking to learn that Ragnarok will not only round out the "trilogy", but also get the MCU to a place where is on the verge of completing his Infinity Gauntlet and igniting the titular war.

While Feige doesn't go into specifics about how that might happen, there's a very real possibility that Hela (Cate Blanchett) will become the first primary villain of a Marvel movie to escape with her life. This would allow her to sync up with Thanos in the final scene (or the post-credits) of Ragnarok, and effectively play the villainous sidekick role of Mistress Death from the Infinity Gauntlet comic book saga.

Considering she's supposed to be borderline indestructible (and considering they have the incredible Cate Blanchett at their disposal), killing Hela in Ragnarok would be hard to justify creatively.

As for the "drastic" changes to the universe, could Feige be making reference to Marvel's previous reluctance to kill off major characters? Thor typically has less emotional baggage than his fellow Avengers, so killing Odin and Loki would be a surefire way to get him fired up and thirsty for revenge in Infinity War.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters November 3, and Infinity War follows on May 4, 2018.

How do you think Ragnarok will connect "directly" with Infinity War?

(Source: Toronto Sun)


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