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Arrow Season 5 has been solid so far with perhaps one of 's best villains yet — Adrian Chase, a.k.a. Prometheus — bringing Oliver to his knees in recent episodes. However, there is someone else lurking in the shadows that could be even more dangerous than Prometheus, and Arrow's babbling IT girl, , is his closest comrade without even knowing it.

{Credit: The CW}
{Credit: The CW}

Vigilante was first mentioned this season on Arrow in Episode 7 when the bodies of two human traffickers arrived at the SCPD bearing a "V." It seemed that someone else had taken on the burden of saving Star City with the same violent methods once swore by as The Hood.

Team Arrow was conflicted on whether or not to let this new Vigilante continue his murderous crimefighting streak. After all, he was getting the bad guys, and they already had their hands full with . The show continued to hone its focus onto Prometheus as the big bad of the season, and Vigilante fell to the wayside — but that doesn't mean he was forgotten.

Cut to Felicity Smoak doing her own vigilante work on the side with Helix, the hacktivist group that recruited her and has since made her walk some very thin lines. Team Arrow and Oliver himself have begun to question Felicity's dealings with the group, due to her sudden edgy attitude and disregard for right and wrong.

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As Felicity gets deeper into Helix and farther from Team Arrow, producer Wendy Miracle says Smoak will get involved with some pretty "messed up" things, and it has to do with Vigilante. In fact, she will meet him before anyone else on the show (and will have been working with him during her entire time at Helix without even knowing), Miracle told EW:

“What’s interesting about it is he’s not actually at Helix right now, so there’s going to be a big episode where we find out who this person is. Felicity is involved in helping him. It’s really messed up.”

{Credit: The CW}
{Credit: The CW}

Yikes. How will Felicity react when she finds out the person who has been pulling the strings in the background of Helix is a murderer, and that she's helped him (or her, who knows) do it?

Vigilante is a problem for Star City that has been boiling under the surface while everyone chases after Prometheus. By the time Felicity meets him, will it be too late to stop him, or herself?

Who Is Vigilante?

As far as go, Vigilante isn't one, and as for who he could be, producer Marc Guggenheim says it's someone whom the audience already knows. There is someone that comes to mind that is tech-savvy but morally questionable: Felicity's father.

Introduced last season, her father was a computer gangster of sorts, working in dangerous, illegal activity in technology — so dangerous that Felicity sent him to jail herself. Is it possible that he could be maneuvering Helix from behind bars and manipulating his daughter back into his life?

{Credit: The CW}
{Credit: The CW}

Other potential culprits are ex-friends of hers from her dark hacktivist days in college; Felicity got into some pretty scary stuff then, and Helix didn't seek her out by accident. Or maybe Vigilante is even Curtis's ex-husband Paul, who (POOF!) disappeared after taking an interestingly strong stance on Curtis's involvement with Team Arrow.

Whoever it is, Vigilante knows Felicity and the inner-workings of what she does for Team Arrow. So it has to be someone who is — or has been — on the inside.

While Felicity will discover Vigilante before anyone else, it isn't clear whether she will know it's him just yet, or if the audience will either. At Paleyfest, Guggenheim did say that Vigilante will lead into Arrow Season 6. Still, Felicity is headed down a dark road by the looks of the next episode of Arrow, and she isn't about to let Oliver stand in her way of vengeance against Adrian Chase. Prometheus did torture her boo-thang, after all.

Arrow Season 5, Episode 19, "Dangerous Liaisons," airs Wednesday, April 26 at 8/7c on The CW

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