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Not only has kicked box office ass and brought the DCEU out of the dredges, this powerhouse film has thrown the door wide open for the ladies of the comic book world. So far, the only super heroines who have secured themselves solo screen time in the last twenty years are Catwoman and Elektra — yup, that’s all of ‘em. Without further ado — after all, we’ve been through enough of it — here is my list of heroines and villainesses who deserve some silver screen love.

Starfire & Raven

Just picture it: a buddy movie with Starfire and Raven. Raven will fulfil our teenage goth fantasy and Starfire will literally light up the screen. This yin and yang power duo are the unlikeliest of friends and therein lies their power. Plus, we’ve got two really rich and otherworldly back stories working here that have barely been sniffed at since the animated series went off the air. The Teen Titans have never been adapted to live action, but I think the world owes us some redemption after Teen Titans Go! don’t you?

Poison Ivy

One of the baddest baddies in Batman’s world, Dr. Pamela Isley — a.k.a. Poison Ivy — hasn’t gotten any notable love since Joel Schumacher’s version of Batman, or as I like to call them the nipple films (check out that outfit.) Poison Ivy is more than just a red-headed sex symbol, she’s a scientist and a take-charge woman who deserves to be seen by the world for the killer queen she is. She’s all about owning her sexuality, using the feeble mindedness of men and her botanical know-how to make a big mess for Batsy. We’ve been promised a Birds of Prey movie to go along with Harley Quinn’s launch, neither of which would be complete without Ivy. So far, is blazing the trail for female standalone films, here’s hoping that Poison Ivy isn’t far behind.


I’ll be the first to say how excited I am for the new Spider-Man: Homecoming to come out, but I think we can all agree that three Peter Parkers is quite enough. Now that Sony has promised an end to the Spider-Man remakes, it’s time to shift gears — and universes for that matter. In an alternate universe Gwen Stacey is the one who was bitten by the radioactive spider. This story has everything, a punk rock girl band, complicated father/daughter dynamics and a blonde who is far more than just pretty. Spider-Gwen offers everything that Spider-Man ever has, but with the incomparable Gwen Stacey at the helm.

Black Widow

This should go without saying at this point. Black Widow’s origin has been on everyone’s mind since Age of Ultron. What could be a better back story than a bunch of ballerina assassins in Soviet Russia? She doesn’t need a hammer or a bow or gamma radiation to kick serious ass, she doesn’t even really need the Avengers if we’re being honest here. Let’s cut the crap with trying to make a worthwhile Hulk movie and give the people behind Thor a few years to get their storyboards together and see what Natasha is all about.


So far, the X-Men franchise in all of its versions (and arches) has gotten it about 3/10 right when it comes to actually using the comic books as source material. What better way to redeem itself than by giving one of the ultimate X-Men a standalone? That’s right, I’m talking about Storm. A weather witch and queen of Africa, Ororo Monroe has been part of the X-Men franchise for over 40 years, I think that’s long enough to warrant some solo screen time. Apocalypse showcased Storm’s modern day look with Alexandra Shipp and her white Mohawk and who wouldn’t want a full two hours of that, thunder, lightning and ass whoppin'?

Oh, and p.s., she was married to Black Panther, so.

The future is female and so are the films of the DCEU and the MCU.

Who is your favorite super heroine?


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