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Well it looks like X-23 is going to be in what could be 's last outing as Wolverine. I still remember when she appeared on an episode of . X-23 went from a random character in the show to the pages of a comic book. Basically, she was the female version of . She isn't the first female character to be based off a male one and she wasn't the first to get her start in a show and then transition into comics. It may be unusual for characters with television origins to make it into comics, but it does happen. Let's take a look at some of the more notable examples!

4. Mercy Graves

I wasn't the biggest fan of Superman as a kid, since he was indestructible. However, his enemies managed to pique my interest. At the top of the list was Lex Luthor and his assistant . Mercy was created for Superman: The Animated Series and debuted in the episode, "A Little Piece of Home," back in September of 1996. Basically, she was around to bail out Lex when he was in a jam. She had combat skills, but wasn't the type to go one on one with any heroes. That being said, she did go toe to toe with Harley Quinn in the comics.

There have been a few different versions of the character. She even made an appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Mercy was added to DC Comics a couple months after her initial appearance in the Superman series. Mercy isn't the only character to come out of the Superman series.

3. Live Wire

Many people will recognize from Supergirl, but she came from Superman: The Animated Series. In September of 1997, we were introduced the character. Live Wire was one of the first villains in the show to give Superman some real trouble. She was a being of pure energy, so the usual strategy of hitting someone harder didn't really work in this case. That alone made her more interesting than the typical supervillain. She eventually made her way into the comics (like everyone else on this list), but I'm hoping that she makes it into the DCEU at some point — hopefully as the radio shock jock version and not the makeup blogger.

2. Harley Quinn

Batman's No. 1 antagonist has always been the Joker, but has given him a run for his money since her debut in the episode "Joker's Favor." Harley Quinn was finally introduced to the world in September of 1992. Apparently, she's had plenty of different voice actors, yet the one that sticks out the most is Tara Strong.

Batman: The Animated Series wouldn't be the same without Harley Quinn. She even made it into all the Arkham games along with the Injustice title. Suicide Squad gave us our first live-action Harley Quinn and while the reviews were decidedly negative, Margot Robbie was praised for her performance. There might be a bright future for the character in the DCEU, even if some of her costars fall into obscurity.

1. Firestar

Who is Firestar? That was my first question when I saw her mentioned in the same circles as Harley and Live Wire. So, I did some digging and it turns out she was on a show that's older than I am. That show was called, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. was created as a solution to a complicated problem. The creators of the show wanted to use the Human Torch, but they couldn't use him because the rights to the character were still tied up. So they made another female version of a male character instead. Firestar isn't as memorable as the others on this list, but she's worth mentioning anyway.

Am I forgetting anyone? Who's your favorite comic book character with a TV origin?


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