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If there is one word to describe the trailer of Denzel Washington's new movie Fences, it is electrifying. The star of last weekend's The Magnificent Seven remake, Washington looks to provide an absolute powerhouse performance, in a movie that he is directing. The film looks to be a tense ride, tackling issues like race, relationships, and inheritance. Based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Viola Davis joins Washington in a film that no doubt screams Oscar.

The film follows a struggling father as he fails to provide for his family. Who was once a promising baseball player, took wrong turns in his life. He tries to do the best for his family, and while doing that, come to terms with his son and his past.

Based on the trailer for Fences, it is clear that the performances is where this film will really shine, but this is actually not the first time Washington and Davis portrayed these characters before. This story of race relations really demands for fantastic proven actors to fill out the roles of Troy and Rose Maxon. The last time they performed as the couple was in a stage revival of the original 1987 play. They received critical acclaim and awards recognition for what they were able to do with these roles, both earning Tony awards in 2010.

August Wilson, the original creator of the production was very hesitant to make a film based on the play. He demanded that the director be African-American. From the looks of the trailer, that may have been a very wise decision. No one captures issues like racism better than directors like Ava DuVernay with Selma or Denzel Washington on The Great Debaters. Fortunately, Wilson was able to finish writing the script for the film before his untimely death in 2005. It is great that Washington and the team of the 2010 revival will carry on his legacy, hopefully making a film that will make an impression for years to come.

  • Did you know? The legendary James Earl Jones and recent Emmy winner Courtney B. Vance played pivotal roles in the original production.

Is Fences going to be a major player in this year's awards season?


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