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You had better start minding your Ps and Qs because Ryan Murphy's Feud is planning on taking a trip to the land of afternoon tea, corgis, and red phone boxes. We haven't even seen Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange lock horns as Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, but the master of the anthology is already queuing up a second season of .

One is sure to not be amused at the theme for Season 2, as Murphy is reportedly focusing on a very public scandal and the fall out between Prince Charles and Diana Princess of Wales. Moving from Scream Queens to the actual Queen, Feud is set to follow affairs, newspaper leaks, and tragic accidents. With Murphy at the helm, the premise sounds like it is sure to be a sexier version of The Crown, but just please don't tell me that Sarah Paulson is going to be practicing her British Audrey accent!

Royal Rumble

[Credit: Instagram @crownchronicles]
[Credit: Instagram @crownchronicles]

Away from the monarchy's stiff upper lip, the battle between Charles and Diana became a public affair, while both sides used their public image and media contacts to their advantage. Married on on July 29, 1981, Charles and Diana became the nation's sweethearts, with mugs and plates still knocking around my grandma's cabinet. The ceremony was watched by 150 million people, however, it wasn't to last, and their marriage descended into a bitter battle by 1992.

Problems were cited as early as 1985, partially to do with their 13-year age difference and with both sides accusing the other of extra-marital affairs with the likes of Camilla Parker Bowles and Major James Hewitt. Scandals were made public in books, while various tapes were "leaked" to the papers.

'Panorama' [Credit: BBC]
'Panorama' [Credit: BBC]

It was a very public situation, which shocked the Royal Family and was met with the disapproval of the monarchy, however, it took until 1996 for the pair to finally divorce. Sadly, that still wasn't the end of the tale. As we all know, things came to a head when Diana was tragically involved in a car accident on August 31, 1997. It is unknown whether Feud will cover the accident, but expect it to probably serve as a penultimate episode to the season.

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Who Is Who?

[Credit: Instagram @crownchronicles]
[Credit: Instagram @crownchronicles]

In terms of casting, John Travolta actually danced with Di at the White House, so he could play some time-traveling version of himself, but it is currently unknown who will be flying the flag high for Rule Britannia. Despite rumors he is moving away from the likes of Paulson and Lange in favor of new acting talent, don't be so sure — we can expect Murphy to pull from his usual cast of American actors despite it being a British affair. Also, if Jessica Lange doesn't play Queen Elizabeth II, I'm out already!

How on Earth Murphy can plan this far ahead is beyond me. He is currently juggling the Presidential Election themed Season 7, a Hurricane Katrina , and planned epics on the Versace murder and the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal, and then there is Feud. You have to hand it to the 51-year-old though, he can sure make a watchable commentary on the f*ck ups of the human race.

Clearly there is a market for Anglophilia, with Netflix's bowling over audiences last year and planning to run for six seasons. The beauty of The Crown was its superb casting with the likes of Claire Foy, Matt Smith, and John Lithgow. However, if any show can top that for a stellar cast, it will surely be a Murphy one. Feud's second season has been commissioned for a 10-episode run, which will air sometime in 2018 under the title of Charles and Diana — someone should probably make sure Emma Roberts isn't available.

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