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Sure, Batman's cowl indisputably has some pretty strong S&M undertones, but you would have thought that's where the links between the gently blushing buttocks of Fifty Shades of Grey and the Caped Crusader ended.

According to a hilarious Twitter account named 'Fifty Nerds of Grey,' though, the red room of pain and nerddom are intrinsically linked, and when you think about it, being a DC fan these days isn't really worlds apart from having your ass paddled red raw in terms of agony.

Below are some of the best Tweets from the account that show even uptight Batman needs to cut loose with some kinky fuckery sometimes. Enjoy.

1. 'I Want To Feel Pain Like I've Never Felt Before'

As someone who had relatively high hopes about Suicide Squad after being seduced by its edgy styling, I can confirm that this is 100 percent truth.

2. Smouldering Confusion

I guess this grammatical conundrum is when websites always choose to use the wording "nine actors have played Batman."

3. Unforgivable Things

I found that more outrageous than anything that happened in Fifty Shades and I don't even like Star Wars that much.

4. FFS Stan

Now that's a Stan Lee cameo not even the most devoted nerd would be happy about.

See also:

5. X Rated X-Verse

I'd rather get fingered by Wolverine than go through this again tbh.

6. Foot Torture

Lego Batman knows how to take down a villain.

7. There's Nothing Like A Long Hard...

The thought of stroking Kylo Ren's sabre makes me sick in my mouth a bit, but whatever does it for you!

8. Love Bites

That's 10 hours and 8 minutes of obscene torture, to be precise.

9. Extreme Nerdery

Everyone loves their face being thrust into a fabricy, cartoon picture of Chewbacca as they make the beast with two backs, right?

10. That Erect Wood Can Only Mean One Thing...

Bet he can't wait to see her golden snitch.

Would you let Fifty Nerds of Grey into your Batcave?

[Credit: Cartoon Network]
[Credit: Cartoon Network]


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