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We all know by now that the Fifty Shades series is all about sex. Quite a lot of it in fact, brought to the big screen by a smokin' hot Jamie Dornan smacking a willing Dakota Johnson into submission.

And now with the press tour for the next instalment over, we can't wait to slip into the darkness of a screening as soon as it hits theatres on February 10. Here's the trailer once again:

Yet as we prepare to drool all over Mr. Grey doing all sorts of naughty things in his Red Room dungeon, a surprising bit of information has just trickled out. Marcia Gay Harden — who plays the role of Christian's mother in the movies — has recently revealed that the cast are totally banned from being "overtly sexual" in interviews.

'Fifty Shades Darker' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
'Fifty Shades Darker' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

Chatting to British tabloid The Sun, the actress said:

"We can't talk too much about nipple clamps... I used to send out some naughty little tweets... and I was told by Universal that I couldn't do it any more."

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She then added:

"It is a love story after all — I don't think they want us being too overtly sexual in interviews."

Well, isn't that boring? Isn't the whole point of the bonkbuster to chat about bonin' and watch two attractive actors pretend to be bonin'? There's a full elevator fingering scene, for goodness sake — c'mon Universal, give us what our sexually frustrated selves really want!

'Fifty Shades Darker' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
'Fifty Shades Darker' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

Finally, the actress said:

"I’m a good girl, I fell in line. Because [this film is] supposed to be more about the ‘romance.’ Maybe I went too far... I don’t know—I sent out a picture of a sex toy and I was like, ‘Dear Christian, thank you so much for that lovely bracelet under the Christmas tree. Perhaps it wasn’t meant for me. Oh well, so pretty.’ And all the fans would write back, ‘No, that wasn’t for you, Mama Grey, oh no.’ That was a lot of fun but it was shut down."

Quite frankly, if Marcia wants to get her chat on about nipple-clamps and sex toys during a promotional interview for the movie, we're all for it. After all, that titillating conversation would probably be more entertaining than the entirety of the Fifty Shades romance plot.

Do you think Marcia Gay Harden should be allowed to talk sex when it comes to Fifty Shades Darker?

'Fifty Shades Darker' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
'Fifty Shades Darker' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

(Source: The Sun)

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