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Whatever else you may think about Fifty Shades Of Grey, the first film in the trilogy came armed with a knockout soundtrack featuring some truly bangin' original tracks from Ellie Goulding, The Weeknd and Sia. It was a genius marketing ploy which distracted from the minor fact that the film itself was five thousand shades of gross, and most likely got millions of extra asses on seats.

Both 'Love Me Like You Do' and 'Earned It' peaked at #3 on the Hot 100, so you could say there's a lot of pressure to follow that up with an equally bombastic soundtrack for next month's — but our first look at the tracklist suggests things might be about to get a lot sexier than the slightly beige collabo between Zayn and Taylor Swift which we first heard in December (maybe it's a grower, not a shower).

What jumps out immediately is the unlikely team-up of Nicki Minaj with clean-cut good boy Nick Jonas. That one's called 'Bom Bidi Bom' (if it samples this ultimate summer jam I may actually cry), and the most appetizing Jo-bro reckons it's going to become a bit of a bedroom anthem...

Rising stars Halsey and Kygo also have new songs on the tracklist, John Legend features, and the notoriously soundtrack-shy Sia has a track named 'Helium,' which definitely doesn't sound exactly the same as her last five.

There's also the obligatory female cover of a classic rock song, this time Coldplay's 'The Scientist' being taken on by soul star Corinne Bailey Rae, and a new track from Tove Lo which will hopefully be a certified banger.

Fifty Shades Darker actually looks like it has the makings of a decent (or at least entertaining) movie, with its crazed stalker antics, inexplicable helicopter crashes and fringe-tastic haircuts, so maybe it won't be on the soundtrack to save this one.

Even so, expect your Spotify playlist to get a little bit sexier next month. Fifty Shades Darker arrives in theaters February 10.

Who's your dream artist/collab for the next Fifty Shades soundtrack?


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