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It's not easy playing a sexy seducer like Christian Grey, but without a doubt, it's even harder to bring to life a psychotic serial killer. Amazingly, it appears actor Jamie Dornan has succeeded in doing both, for which he quite frankly deserves a hefty pat on the back.

Indeed, long before Dornan was making millions of men and women pant with sexual frustration as the elusive Fifty Shades of Grey megalomaniac Christian Grey, he played a slightly different character with a controlling personality in drama The Fall – if you haven't seen it yet, here's the trailer for Season 1 (also featuring the legendary Gillian Anderson in a number of luxurious, silk blouses):

We adored him in Fifty Shades of Grey but let's be real, no matter how hard we might have tried, there's no denying that Jamie Dornan's Paul Spector in The Fall bears some rather baffling similarities with his suited-up, sexier counterpart.

Let's outline some of the similarities below:

1. They've Both Had Troubled Childhoods

In Fifty Shades of Grey, we learn that Christian is quite a troubled soul – his mother was a drug-addict and prostitute, whose pimp was very abuse toward her little boy. To make matters worse, when she committed suicide, her 4-year-old was alone with the deteriorating body for days before he was found. A pretty grim start to life, you've got to admit.

Similarly, Paul Spector's past is such a deep cavern of childhood woes that it might actually top trump Christian Grey's. After his mother (a brunette too, by the way!) also commits suicide, he is sent to an orphanage run by a priest later tried for pedophilia. Ultimately, to use Christian's poetic turn of phrase, both characters are without a doubt "fifty shades of fucked up!"

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2. They Look The Same

Christian Grey and Paul Spector both really look like Jamie Dornan
Christian Grey and Paul Spector both really look like Jamie Dornan

If we dissect both of their appearances, it's also easy to see that Christian Grey definitely resembles his serial killer counterpart. Paul is described as a muscular man with an athletic physique and considering his past career in the army, he's definitely got a rock-hard body under those warm knits.

Similarly, Christian is described as being lean and impressively built, probably all thanks to the amount of money her splurges on kickboxing and running training. In fact, Anastasia is so overwhelmed by his appearance that she even says:

"He is not merely good looking - he is the epitome of male beauty, breathtaking."

Do your thang, Christian.
Do your thang, Christian.

Although such high praises aren't bestowed upon Spector's aesthetic by his Belfast community, he is referred to by a lady he's slept with as "Mr. Python" – I'll let you guess what that could mean yourself.

3. They're Both Serial Stalkers

Paul Spector getting up to some stalkerish behavior in 'The Fall'
Paul Spector getting up to some stalkerish behavior in 'The Fall'

Admittedly, there are countless people who would love to see Christian Grey creeping around the corner to spank them senseless. Yet, when you take a moment to compare his stalker-like behavior to that of Paul Spector, the idea suddenly becomes slightly less arousing.

In The Fall, Jamie Dornan's character becomes so obsessed with his victims that he observes them for weeks from a distance, breaking into their apartments and houses to plan strategies and to steal underwear. While this behavior is downright terrifying, it's clear that Christian Grey's actions aren't that far off either.

That's just not normal, Christian.
That's just not normal, Christian.

Under the guise of private jets and GPS technology, Anastasia Steele always remains under his watchful eye. As a result, he always pops up at times when she's least expecting him and although we might pass over his behavior as romantic at first, you've got to admit that there's also something unsettling about his sneakiness. Just look at this direct Christian Grey quote from the books:

"Alaska is very cold and no place to run. I would find you. I can track your cell phone – remember?"

Normal? Absolutely not. At one point, Anastasia even wonders:

"He pulls up outside my duplex. I belatedly realize he's not asked me where I live – yet he knows... What able, cellphone-tracking, helicopter owning stalker wouldn't?"

4. They're Both Obsessed With A Similar Kind Of Woman

For starters, they both have particular types that are strangely in correlation with one another in terms of looks. Paul's type are young, successful white women with brown hair – you've got to admit, apart from the career part, this is basically Christian's Anastasia.

4. They Adore Controlling & Inflicting Pain On Others

Christian Grey's 'Red Room of Pain'
Christian Grey's 'Red Room of Pain'

Ultimately, control is the basis of both Spector's and Grey's relationships with others. In particular, Christian Grey gets pleasure from whipping, caning and flogging women in his "Red Room of Pain" sex dungeon. He even bizarrely admits the following himself:

"I exercise control in all things, Ms. Steele."

And while Christian Grey's behavior somewhat mirrors that of a psychopath, Paul's sadistic nature merely cranks this obsession with control and inflicting pain to the next level. Though sadly, while Grey's victims crawl out alive, albeit with slightly redder bottoms, Spector's never actually see the light of day again.

Fifty Shades Darker slips into our cinema screens on is released February 10, 2017.


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