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I've got some seriously raunchy Fifty Shades of Grey news. You know how in the book, quite a lot of kinky stuff happens? Well, it looks like a lot of that is going to make it into the movie, because it's going to be rated NC-17. British screenwriter Kelly Marcel has been tasked with adapting the book for the big screen and in an interview with The Telegraph, she talked about how much BDSM we can expect to see in the film. Marcel revealed:

Well, there is going to be a lot of sex in the film. It will be NC-17. It’s going to be raunchy. We are 100 per cent going there. We did go through and decide which are our favorites and which are not. Most of them are in there, but I can’t say more than that.

Sounds like we might be in for a whole heap of spanking, whipping, and "kinky fuckery."

Its a really bold decision by studio Focus Features to make the movie an NC-17 affair. It's normally a rating reserved for art-house movies that don't necessarily need to worry about making big money at the box office. It limits the size of your audience and also reduces the options available for marketing the movie due to its adult content.

That being said, the book has become a monster bestseller and cultural phenomenon. It already has a loyal fan base, so the studio should be confident of doing decent opening weekend business regardless of its rating. It may even take the title of highest grossing NC-17-rated movie in history, but to do that it would need to top the $20 million made by 1995's Showgirls, which also delved into the kinkier side of life.

Are you happy that Fifty Shades of Grey will be rated NC-17, or would you have preferred it to get a softer rating? Let me know what you think in the comments below, but keep it clean!


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