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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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I'm Fifty Shades of Excited for Fifty Shades of Grey. As the hot sex is hotly anticipated, there's one guy on every fan's mind: Christian Grey.

was cast as Christian, but left after TV commitments - or was it fan backlash? - made the role impossible. Reactions have been more positive to the surprise casting of the gorgeous , but as a relative unknown we will have to wait and see how he fills Christian's impressive shoes.

So, we have our official Christian Grey, but many of us still hold a torch for another. My favorite was in my head when I read the book, so I know I'm not alone lusting after a different shade of Grey: for some, , and are still spanking the competition.

I'm going to enjoy the Fifty Shades movie, but I want to see MY Christian Grey every day. I thought it'd be cool to give you fans a chance to share on Pinterest who YOUR Christian Grey is from the smoldering pics below.

Ian Somerhalder

A firm fan favorite, the smouldering Somerhalder has been 'shipped for Christian Grey for years. The vampy nice guy with the impossible cheekbones may not star in Fifty Shades of Grey, but he can forever star in our dreams.

Share if Ian Somerhalder is YOUR Christian Grey.

Matt Bomer

The beautiful Bomer has the intense eyes and jaw-dropping jawline that any potential Grey needs, and the sizzling stud has got us hot under the collar rocking a power suit for USA's White Collar.

Share if Matt Bomer is YOUR Christian Grey.

Jamie Dornan

Jamie is the Christian Grey we've been given and there's no denying his smoking hotness. A relative unknown, the sexy Irish lad will be propelled into stardom (and millions of hearts) by Fifty Shades of Grey.

Share if Jamie Dornan is YOUR Christian Grey.

Robert Pattinson

Fifty Shades of Grey was written as a Twilight fanfiction, after all, so for lots of Team Fifty, R-Pattz has been the only true option. Does the sultry Rob set your inner goddess swaying and writhing?

Share if Robert Pattinson is YOUR Christian Grey.

The Fifty Shades novels grabbed our imaginations and let fantasies run wild: The casting is final, but the fantasy remains strong. Laters, Baby.


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