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Mark Newton

It seems The Walking Dead zombies are not only after your brains, they also want to steal your money. Aristocrat, a company which specializes in developing electronic slot machines, has just released news of an upcoming Walking Dead licensed casino game.

Now, I've seen these movie tie-in casino machines before, and usually they're just normal slot machines with an aesthetic makeover. That doesn't seem the case with The Walking Dead machine, it features a HD monitor and sound system which will deliver clips and images from the show. How will the gambling element come into all this? Well your guess is as good as mine, but at least you'll have fun while you throw all your money away.

Aristocrat even released a 'trailer' for the device. It doesn't really show much (or anything actually), but give it a watch if you're so inclined:


You can expect The Walking Dead slot machine to shamble into casinos in October 2013, just in time for the show's fourth season.

What do you think? Will you be seeking out The Walking Dead slot machine, or are you immune to such gimmicks? Let me know below.


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