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Comic book movies are notorious for being riddled with Easter Eggs and references to their original sources. There are movies that have very few , like The Incredible Hulk, while others contain a monumental amount that send fans into nerdvana, like Suicide Squad. Then there is Guardians Of The Galaxy, a film which has continued to taunt the geek community thanks to director announcing there is still one big Easter Egg yet to be discovered in the film.

While it seems as though someone speculates on a new Easter Egg every week, Gunn himself has confirmed no one has yet found it. Now, one Reddit user has claimed to have discovered it and, boy, is it big.

Reddit user besa1000 posted a screenshot of the film which depicts the Milano flying through space and displays the breathtaking space scenery in front of it. Besa1000 believes that the scenery in the background contains the final Easter Egg, which he has dubbed "the creation of Groot."

Source: Reddit/Besa1000
Source: Reddit/Besa1000

As you can see (using some imagination, admittedly), the now-Hollywood standard orange and blue background looks to be shaped like Rocket and Groot, with the orange section depicting Rocket and the blue light depicting Groot, with Rocket appearing to reach out and touch Groot, bringing him to life, mimicking Michelangelo's famous "The Creation of Adam" fresco on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel:

And Gunn did state that his Easter Egg was 'big' so he very well could have been speaking literally as this one takes up the entire shot and is the size of a nebula. A reference to art with Star-Lord's tongue-in-cheek Jackson Pollock reference:

Gunn did state that his Easter Egg was 'big.' He very well could have been speaking literally as this one takes up the entire shot and is the size of a nebula.

Normally, theories like this are debunked straight away and the person is seen as grasping at straws, but the positioning of the Milano make you wonder if this could very well be the final Easter Egg. The Milano perfectly bisects the Rocket and Groot sections, which might symbolize the Guardians also being part of the creation of Groot.

There have been a lot of crazy theories regarding the final Guardians Of The Galaxy Easter Egg, but this one is the most solid one to come forward since the Captain Marvel reference that surfaced last year.

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Whether this turns out to be the final Easter Egg or not, it just goes to show the effect that James Gunn has had on the community — fans are now beginning to study interstellar CGI clouds to find it! It make me wonder if we will all still be searching for it by the time pilots its way into theaters. God forbid we still be searching for it when the expected treasure trove of brand-new geeky references drops with the sequel — if not, we may be waiting for Gunn to reveal it for a long, long time.


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