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You are the Princess Shireen of the House Baratheon, and you are my daughter.
Jack Carr

DC and Warner Bros. have spent so long teasing and hyping Justice League — with trailers, teaser trailers, posters, vague Green Lantern hints and a whole lot of "Where is Superman?" — that at some point the superhero team-up movie began to feel like a myth, or a meta Hollywood experiment in how long a film can be promoted without ever actually being released from its vault in the Batcave.

But it is being released, finally, and with just six weeks to go until Diana, Bruce and the gang come together to save the world from CGI warlords from the planet Apokolips and endless Marvel movies, have dropped one final trailer. It's big, it's loud, it's colorful — at least by DCEU standards — and it's right here. Check out the epic new trailer below (and prepare to weep).

YES. DC, you're giving me exactly what I need.

Of course, the real question on everybody's lips for months now has been that of whether Batman's ultimate-nemesis-turned-surprise-new-BFF Superman will be glimpsed in this final trailer — and to find out, you're just gonna have to click play.

Justice League dons its cape in theaters from November 17, when it will attempt to become the first and only superhero flick of the year to break a billion at the box office. A few decent reviews might be nice, too (although let's be real, we're all going on opening night anyway). I've got everything crossed for ya, Zack and Joss.

What's your hype level after this final Justice League trailer — has DC hit the jackpot?


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