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Part of being the best is knowing when to call it a day, and for Wolverine, who's been mutantkind's ultimate warrior, that day is on the horizon — but first, there's something more pressing to deal with, specifically a young mutant named X-23.

Boyd Holbrook's Donald Pierce in 'Logan' [Credit: Fox]
Boyd Holbrook's Donald Pierce in 'Logan' [Credit: Fox]

In this final, delightfully violent trailer for the R-rated , which arrives in March and marks the final time Hugh Jackman will draw those Adamantium claws, Logan looks pretty much done, and Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) is in an even worse state of repair.

The movie is set in 2024, just one year after the events of Days Of Future Past but in the "new" timeline Mystique created in that film — although on the evidence of how things turned out for both Logan, Charles and for mutantkind, it might've been smarter just to let the Sentinels do their thing. Yep, the world of Logan is bleak as hell, so don't go expecting any happy endings.

Check out the brand new, final Logan trailer below in all its darkened glory.

On the evidence of both this trailer and the its predecessor, there's a hell of a lot to be stoked for with Logan — not only does it look like a massive departure for movies in the Marvel universe (i.e. the MCU and the X-verse), it's also the first real opportunity to go as dark with Wolverine as the character's fairly horrific origin story demands.

Doing R-rated superhero movies may be in vogue post-Deadpool, but here it really feels like the violence will enhance the story being told. On top of that, it looks as if we're finally going to see an X-23 story done properly (with a twist).

For more on 'Logan' and the X-verse:

Fox are clearly expecting Logan to be well received, seeing as it's premiering at the Berlin Film Festival in February. Strong reviews could make this the first major hit of 2017, but it's probably fair to say you'll want to see it regardless.

Logan hits theaters March 3, 2017.

How stoked are you for Logan, and what Easter Eggs did you spot in the trailer?


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