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Are you ready for Rogue One? The first Star Wars spin-off arrives in three weeks, and today a final trailer dropped packing some major new footage. Spoiler alert, though — a few details about a key battle scene are casually revealed in this one, so if you'd rather go in blind, you might want to give it a miss.

What we've seen so far of Jyn and the Rebels' mission to gather intel on the Death Star, and the resulting battle on Scarif, has kind of looked like a suicide mission — how do you get past the Empire's security and make it out alive? And yet we know from the crawl of A New Hope that the mission is ultimately successful.

One scene in this new trailer appears to drop a few clues as to the answer of that question — just as Jyn and the gang appear to be overpowered on Scarif by the Empire's AT-ATs, X-Wing fighters arrive to give the Rebels a reprieve. Could it be that the AT-ATs are subsequently upgraded? We saw in Empire Strikes Back that they're borderline indestructible...

Check out the final trailer below.

We also get our best look yet at Alan Tudyk's droid K-2SO, who seems to be there to provide the kind of BB-8 style levity so far missing from Rogue One's trailers. For what looks like quite a serious movie, that's definitely a welcome development.

Rogue One hits theaters December 16, and projections from Disney already have it pegged at an opening weekend of $100-140m — the high end of that figure is almost double Fantastic Beasts' opening last weekend. Looks like Star Wars fever is here to stay.

Will Rogue One offer any major twists that the trailers haven't hinted at?


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