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Given the huge success of Finding Dory, which made a colossal billion dollars worldwide, it was inevitable that fans could expect a sequel staring their favorite aquatic friends. However, with a huge gap of thirteen years between Finding Nemo (2003) and Finding Dory (2016), Pixar is understandably being noncommittal about revealing much about an upcoming Dory sequel.

But all is not lost. While revealing that Pixar pursue sequels as a means to develop existing narratives rather than as a a way to make big dollar at the box office, Finding Dory director Andrew Stanton has stated that because so many new characters were introduced in Finding Dory, the possibility for a sequel is certainly on the cards.

Here we’ve compiled all there is to know about Finding Dory 2, making sure that you "just keep swimming" and stay up to date with everything that’s happening with our favorite fishy friends a thousand leagues under the sea.

Finding Dory 2 News And Rumors

  • Feb 20, 2017: Finding Dory Wins A CAS Award For Sound Mixing

While La La Land unsurprisingly pretty much swept the board at the 52rd Cinema Audio Society awards last night, Finding Dory managed to beat Zootopia to the punch by receiving an Award for best sound mixing in an animated motion picture. Go Dory!

  • Jan 31, 2017: Ellen DeGeneres Takes On Trump's Immigration Ban By Explaining The Plot Of Finding Dory

In reaction to the news that Finding Dory was the first movie Donald Trump decided to screen in the White House in combination with his controversial immigration ban, Ellen DeGeneres cleverly made her opinions known on Trump's decisions through explaining the plot of Finding Dory to her audience — and by extension — The Donald himself. Taking the movie apart plot point by plot point, Ellen basically revealed that Finding Dory is a lesson about the perils of Trump's America as Dory is essentially a refugee who is separated from her parents because of a large seemingly impenetrable wall.

Trump Screens 'Finding Dory,' Ellen DeGeneres Throws Him Some Savage Shade

  • Oct 10, 2016: Finding Dory Makes Over A Billion Dollars At The Box Office

Becoming one of only 27 films to ever make over a billion dollars at the box office, Finding Dory is Pixar’s second billion dollar movie alongside Toy Story 3. Being such a monumental success certainly bodes well for a potential Finding Dory sequel.

‘Finding Dory’ Just Keeps Swimming Past The $1b Box Office Mark

  • Finding Dory’s Success Could Make Way For Sequel, But It Might Not Happen For Six Years

According to The Wrap, only three of this year’s sequels, The Purge: Election Year, Captain America: Civil War and Finding Dory outperformed their predecessors at the box office. While it may therefore seem natural to follow up on Dory's success with a sequel, Pixar president Jim Morris has announced that apart from Toy Story 4 in 2018 and The Incredibles 2 in 2019, the animation house is only producing originals from now until at least 2022.

  • Ellen DeGeneres Says It’d Be Better To Make Finding Dory 2 Now, Rather Than Later
The Ellen DeGeneres Show [Credit: Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution]
The Ellen DeGeneres Show [Credit: Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution]

The star of the film, Ellen DeGeneres who is the voice of Dory told Variety that if Pixar decide to make a sequel of the film, it’d be much better for them to do it sooner rather than later. The 58-year-old flagged up her concern that if the studio was to wait too long, her voice may change with age which would make for some serious continuity errors if Dory was to remain at a similar age to her character in Finding Dory.

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Finding Dory 2 Trailer

As the film is yet to be made, there are no Finding Dory 2 trailers. We can however cast our minds back to the spectacular trailers for both Finding Dory and Finding Nemo to give ourselves a taste of what the Finding Dory 2 trailer might look like.

Finding Dory (2016) Trailer:

Finding Nemo (2003) Trailer:

Finding Dory 2 Release Date

At present, we haven't received confirmation of a Finding Dory 2 release date. Pixar currently have a host of large projects coming up including Cars 3 (2017), Coco (2017), Toy Story 4 (2018) and Incredibles 2 (2019) which would mean that we can’t expect to see Finding Dory 2 at least until 2020.

Finding Dory 2 Plot

Currently, we know little about what a possible Finding Dory sequel would entail. We can be sure however to expect the film to involve Dory’s new found parents Jenny and Charlie, as well as her comrade Nemo and his father Marlin as they no doubt as they set out on another aquatic adventure!

Finding Dory 2 Cast

As nothing about the movie has officially been released, we do not know who will star in the movie. We can however speculate that the following Finding Dory 2 cast will appear:

  • Ellen DeGeneres as Dory

As long as the sequel doesn’t take too long to be made, we can be assured that Ellen Degeneres will be cast as Dory who she has played in both Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. Having already aired her concerns that if production for Finding Dory 2 begins too late that her voice will have changed due to aging, we hope that producers swing into action and get started on it pronto!

  • Unknown child star as Nemo

Given the nature of hormones and their effect on the voice box, it is unlikely that Hayden Rolence who is currently twelve will return to play young Nemo as he did in Finding Dory. This seems highly probable given that Finding Dory 2 may not come out until at least 2020, making Hayden at minimum eighteen years old by the time he'd get to play the role.

Finding Dory 2 Characters

If the sequel is made, we can expect to see the return of a host of our most beloved aquatic characters for Finding Dory 2.

  • Dory
Finding Dory
Finding Dory

It goes without saying that when Finding Dory 2 is made, it will star Dory, the optimistic, kind-hearted but incredibly forgetful Blue Tang fish who helped Marlin locate his son Nemo in the first film, and who was finally reunited with her long lost parents in the second film.

  • Nemo
Finding Dory
Finding Dory

The star of the first film, Finding Nemo, Nemo is an energetic, young clownfish who is incredibly friendly and also loyal and brave in the face of impending danger. Initially feeling suffocated by his father Marlin who is fiercely over-protective in the first film, Nemo ultimately realizes how important his dad is to him and now the two are extremely close.

  • Marlin
Finding Dory
Finding Dory

Marlin is Nemo’s incredibly doting, over-protective father. Willing to protect his son Nemo at any costs, Marlin is brave but has a tragic history, his wife Coral and all his children apart from Nemo were eaten by a barracuda, and this explains why he is so neurotically protective of Nemo.

  • Jenny
Finding Dory
Finding Dory

Jenny is Dory’s mother who was devastated when Dory got separated from her and her husband Charlie when she was a young child. Jenny is a loving, patient Blue Tang who always humors her husband’s jokes, no matter how terrible they may be.

  • Charlie
Finding Dory
Finding Dory

Charlie is Dory’s father who, like Jenny, was incredibly upset when he was separated from her when she was a young child. Also a Blue Tang, Charlie has more of a jovial personality, always cracking jokes and coming up with humorous rhymes to help his daughter to remember important things.

Finding Dory 2 Theories

As of yet, few Finding Dory 2 theories exist around the sequel, but the minute any appear, we’ll be sure to post them here.

Where To Watch Finding Dory 2 Online

Due to the fact that the movie has not been made yet, it is currently impossible to watch Finding Dory 2 online unless you are capable of time travel. You can however watch Finding Dory on Vudu.

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