ByDavid Latona, writer at
David Latona

Among the many novelties that have surfaced at Disney's D23 Expo, comes Pixar's announcement of their casting choices for three new characters in their forthcoming Finding Nemo sequel, titled Finding Dory.

For every fish there are two parent sea dwellers, and in the case of amnesiac Pacific regal blue tang (or Palette Surgeonfish, if you prefer to be formal) Dory, they will possess the recognizable voices of (The Godfather, Annie Hall) and (Jim's thick-eyebrowed dad from the American Pie franchise). In addition to Dory's progenitors, the film will feature a white Beluga whale named Bailey, voiced by (of Modern Family fame).

The plot in this saline sequel will take place a year after the events in Finding Nemo, and is set off the coast of California. The film follows Nemo's forgetful buddy Dory, voiced by comedienne , as she attempts to reunite with her family. It has been confirmed that many characters from the first installment will reappear, including Nemo (), his dad Marlin () and the 'Tank Gang.' Director will be returning to helm the project. Will he be able to snatch an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature for a second time?

Finding Dory is set for a November 25th, 2015 release.




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