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Oh sweet coral relief! The most forgetful, lovable little blue tang in the Pixar universe has finally proved all of her critics right and surpassed the one billion dollar mark at the box office. Becoming one of only 27 films to ever cross this colossal benchmark, Finding Dory is Pixar’s second billion dollar movie alongside Toy Story 3, and Disney’s third film to make over a billion in 2016 alone with Zootopia and Captain America: Civil War also bringing in those big, juicy bucks.

With its preview screenings raking in a cool nine million, the highest-grossing preview for any Pixar film to date, and its opening weekend bringing in a whopping 136 million — a new record for any debuting — it comes as no surprise that Finding Dory has pushed past this gargantuan milestone. To celebrate its titanic success, we’ve fished out some of the most insane pieces of trivia from the deep, luscious pool of Pixar for your nautical pleasure.

1. In 'Finding Dory', There Is No Bad Guy

Finding Dory is only the second film after Inside Out in the Pixar movie cannon not to include a major antagonist. This makes quite a change from its prequel Finding Nemo which included Bruce the shark as well as Darla Sherman, the evil niece of the cruel dentist Philip Sherman who took immense joy in torturing her pet fish.

2. Hank The Octopus Only Has Seven Tentacles For A Reason

After creating Hank, Pixar animators soon realized a huge problem with his character - they could only fit seven tentacles on to his body as opposed to the standard eight. Consequently, they created the backstory of him losing a tentacle in the aquarium 'Kidzone,' technically making him a septopus.

It also took the animators a staggering twenty two weeks to give Hank the right shading and coloring, making it possible for him to camouflage himself — this process takes eight weeks on average.

3. The Backlash Against The 'Blackfish' (2013) Documentary Affected 'Finding Dory'


After the Finding Dory crew were given an early screening of the controversial Blackfish documentary which exposed the inner workings of the SeaWorld water park franchise, the setting of the movie was changed from an aquatic park to a marine biology institute.

4. In The Pixar Universe, Real Time Doesn't Exist

For us mere mortals, a soul destroying gap of thirteen years took place between Finding Nemo (2003) and Finding Dory (2016). Thankfully Pixar fans were able keep themselves busy with the other eleven films they produced during this time, but in Finding Dory, the movie is set only one year after the events of Finding Nemo meaning one Pixar year is equal to thirteen human years. Let's hope we don't have to wait until 2029 for Finding Dory 2.

5. The 'CAL A113' Number Plate Easter Egg

Finding Dory
Finding Dory

Featuring in nearly all of their movies, the Pixar animators included the digits 'A113' on the number plate of the truck in Finding Dory as this is the number of the classroom at the California Institute of Arts where many Pixar staff members learned animation.

The animators also included their sacred classroom number on another license plate, but this time in the Toy Story trilogy as the number plate of Andy's mom's cars:

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3

6. Dory Is A Big Hit On Facebook

With just under twenty five million likes on Facebook, Dory has become Pixar's most social-media savvy character and by far and away their most popular. Posting on her page about such delights as 'world octopus day' and 'national mad hatter day,' she's an absolute must if you want to brighten up your newsfeed.


Who's your favorite character from 'Finding Dory'?


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