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The Netflix universe took a more realistic approach with Danny Rand by keeping him away from his signature comic book costume in Season 1 of . But with his introduction out of the way, fans have been hoping for his snazzy garb to appear in the near future.

There have been lots of reports regarding the possibility of that happening, with even Finn Jones inadvertently teasing it for . But we haven't had concrete information to know when Danny would be putting on his green and yellow spandex until now.

Iron Fist's Suit Could Be Coming Sooner Than We Thought

is just as eager to put it on as fans are to see it, it appears. Jones took part in a panel during Comicpalooza 2017. There, he was asked if we'd ever get to see Danny in his classic comic book attire. The actor confirmed we will:

“I hope so. I really hope so. I think moving forward to Season 2, we’ll see something like that.”

Previously, showrunner Scott Buck talked about the suit coming in as an evolution for the character, as becoming a public crime-fighting billionaire turns into a problem for him. In one of the newly-released motion posters for The Defenders, we can see a newspaper that reveals Danny Rand is a fugitive. The reasons for that are unclear, but that leads me to think the superhero miniseries will be planting the seeds for the eventual necessity of needing a costume.

Jones' enthusiasm is so great that he even has costume ideas in mind, specifically for the character's mask. The actor revealed he would love to see the mask's tails adapted on screen. They would be a nightmare to shoot in, but he's up for the challenge.

“Personally, I really hope we get the wispy kind of ripples that come out at the back of the mask. I think that’s a super cool effect. I think it’d be really annoying, actually, the logistics of it, but I think it would look really cool.”

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

As a long-time comic book fan, seeing inspiration from Iron Fist's classic versions would be really exciting. I would also be interested, however, in seeing a more durable adaptation of the suit. In the comics, it's thin fabric. With how much meaner the streets of New York are in the , it would be exciting to see Danny in some sort of sleek armor, similar to Daredevil's suit.

Will There Even Be A Season 2 To See The Costume?

The answer: Most likely. You see, aside from the heavy criticism, one study conducted by Parrot Analytics showed Iron Fist was Netflix's most successful Marvel pilot when it came to popularity.

Now, I'm aware other fellow Defenders like , and received season renewals immediately after or even before their release, but that's not been the case with Danny Rand's show. What could be happening is that the creative minds are taking some time to structure a new season based on the valid criticisms received by the first one.

So yes, we'll probably get to see Danny Rand put on his signature costume in a second season. As for when that may come, it's too late to be released this year, but with how fast has been producing the MCU shows, I wouldn't be surprised if we see Iron Fist kicking butt solo in his costume in 2018. Of course, that's just speculation on my part, but one thing's for sure: The classic Iron Fist suit is coming.

What do you think about Iron Fist finally getting his costume? What would you like the design to offer? Let me know in the comments!


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