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Firefly might be officially dead, but the demand for its return is certainly still alive.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, American Horror Story and former Firefly producer Tom Minear set out his desire to see Firefly take off again.

Minear isn't someone to mince his words, indeed he even went so far as to claim Firefly 'failed spectacularly' on Fox. He said:

The fact that it was even a feature film after it spectacularly failed on Fox was a miracle.

When asked what kind of form a potential revival could take, he replied:

I’m completely talking off the top of my head, but there’s a show that’s been on for the last couple years that’s reinvented the form in terms of the limited series. I’m trying to think of the name of that show — Oh yes! American Horror Story! It doesn’t have to be 13 episodes. Look how Sherlock does it.

Like most cancelled cult shows, Firefly gained a large fanbase only after it left the airwaves. The team had one last huzzah in their feature film Serenity, but talk of a new series has always been confined to the fantasies of and his horde of fans. But we shouldn't give up hope. After Arrested Development (another of Fox's cancelled shows) prematurely left our screens, I was sure I'd never see the Bluth family again, but with the help of fan pressure and new distribution models the seemingly impossible was made a reality. This seems to be a route that appeals to Minear. He continued:

I think a limited series of some kind would work best. Something like that could also work if, say, 20th could partner with Netflix, or another distributor. It would have its home on Fox, of course [then a second window on streaming]. A limited series would do very well, I bet.

What do you think? How would you like to see Firefly return? A new movie, TV series or something online? Let us know below.

Source: Entertainment Weekly (via ComicBook)



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