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Sophie Atkinson

At last year's San Diego comic con, the Firefly gang came to celebrate their ten year anniversary and this year some of the actors stopped by Wizard World in Philadelphia to chew the fat. There's videos below, but they were recorded on a handheld camera, so if you're prone to dizziness, watch out, as the recording is a little bit shaky!

The guy recording the interview seems to have had a few drinks too many as he spends a lot of the interview actually shouting things back to the actors (admittedly mostly "Whoooo! Whooooooooo!") - but at least for me, that just upped the entertainment factor!

(Zoe), (Jayne), (Kaylee) and (River) were all in attendance and Jewel was on particularly good form, making quips right, left and center!

Firefly was written and directed by and was an "outer Space western" that centered on the lives of a ragtag group of people living on the spaceship Serenity, a "Firefly-class vessel". It was cancelled to huge uproar from fans after a mere fourteen episodes due to low ratings.

The chemistry between these four is still fantastic - if TV execs refuse to foot the cost of another Firefly series, please give them a comedy improv slot, stat! Let me know who you think was the most fun to watch below.




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