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and movie fans alike have been waiting for the release of . While we have already gotten a hint of Emma Watson singing in the past, we haven't gotten a proper clip from the film showing it. With less than a month left in anticipation of the film, Disney released a clip of the first minute of the first song from the film, "Belle."

We get to see many familiar things, from the townsfolk singing about her, to the baker selling bread, to her walking through the town. But we also appear to be getting a new character, Monseur Jean, who can't seem to remember what he has forgotten. Given that, according to the original novel, the townsfolk are meant to have forgotten the castle as part of the curse, this could be tied into it.

We also get to see that Belle's love of books has not been forgotten, as she is returning Romeo and Juliet to Pere Robert. She is much more active and lively than her animated counterpart, with her skirt hiked up and out of the way while she hops across a pond and walks the side of a wall.

This clip shows the loveliness of her voice as well as the colorful world of Beauty and the Beast brought to . It shows just enough to tease you while leaving you wanting more, and I can't wait for the rest of the film.

Beauty and the Beast comes to theaters March 17th


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