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Alisha Grauso

Sometimes, I love the crew, sometimes, I hate them. It looks like This Is the End is going to fall into the "love" category for me, which is interesting as it's the usual suspects without Apatow being involved in the slightest.

Anyway, after a few red band trailers, MTV finally scored the first clip for the and , and it has reaffirmed my faith that when all of these comedians have good material to work with (and can ad lib a bit), they can bring the laughs.

The movie stars Rogen, , , , and as themselves, trapped in Franco's house after the Apocalypse happens and L.A. is devastated. As the world is destroyed, dwindling supplies and cabin fever start to tear their friendships apart. Once they discover that they are experiencing the Apocalypse, they must figure out why they were chosen to be left behind. They are eventually forced to leave the house to face their fate and find their redemption.

These actors are all comfortable with each other, so expect a lot of laughs and a lot of jokes at each other's expense. This is the End hits theaters on June 12th. Click [[follow]] to stay up to date on all the latest apocalyptic news.


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