BySophie Atkinson, writer at
Sophie Atkinson

After the bubblegum pop of a summer full of action movies, it’s refreshing to get to grips with a film with less ten minute fight sequences and a bit more mental gristle (and no, I'm not suggesting that action movies can't be cerebral, just that this summer's action blockbusters weren't).

’s Elysium takes the Occupy movement’s predictions about capitalist humanity to their most extreme conclusion! It centers on a futuristic version of Earth where the working class poor are left on the ruined planet that is Earth while the fabulously wealthy (cough bankers cough) live in the lap of luxury aboard the space station Elysium.

The Richie Riches of the future don’t even have to come into contact with the impoverished lower orders as a robotic security network is charged with implementing order.

Have to say, I love this clip - though it does kind of bring my bank's telephone service to mind...


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