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Because Marvel operates like a well-oiled machine that never breaks or needs maintenance, instead consistently churning out solid superhero movies, like a talented but unambitious baker, the review embargo for Doctor Strange lifts in two stages.

In-depth reviews will emerge on Saturday night, but as of today critics are allowed to give vague, one-line tweet reviews of the Sorcerer Supreme's first big-screen outing. Happily for Marvel, the reaction is almost universally positive, with particularly good things said about the movie's action sequences and impressive CGI.

Let's begin with Eric Eisenberg from CinemaBlend...

You might want to hold back on the popcorn, according to Bustle critic Anna Klassen...

In the comics, Stephen Strange is essentially Tony Stark levels of douchebag, and although Kevin Feige has teased that his redemption arc will be done in the space of one movie, a recurring feature of the critics' tweet reviews is that Strange starts out a complete dick...

But what about the action sequences — does Doctor Strange manage to top that epic fight between Ant-Man and Yellowjacket in which the threat of Thomas The Tank Engine looms like the end of the world? Uhh, yes, actually:

The consensus seems to be that while Doctor Strange is fun, trippy, well-acted and great to look at, it lacks the emotional stakes of movies like The Winter Soldier...

...but hey, that's okay — this is just the first in a trilogy (presumably). Josh L. Spoockey makes a seriously big claim about the nature of magic in Strange's world:

To you, Josh L. Spoockey, I say chill out, and thank your lucky stars you never had the Cruciatus curse put on you. Collider's Christina Radish found much to enjoy beyond the ravishing visuals:

Not that a movie featuring Tilda Swinton, Mads Mikkelsen and Rachel McAdams was ever really going to be anything other than a trip. We'll have more in-depth reviews to feed on later this weekend. Doctor Strange hits theaters November 4.


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