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Brian Salisbury

The first trailer for 's The Secret Life of Walter Mitty has hit the web. It's about a man who leads the dullest of lives, retreating into fantasy worlds to compensate for the mundane nature of his own. But when he faces a career crisis, he is finally spurred to set off an actual adventure. Ben Stiller takes the title role as well as fulfilling duties behind the camera for what will be his fifth feature film directorial effort.

When it comes to remakes, it is often hard to divorce ourselves from the affinity we may hold for the original film. In the case of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, it's more difficult for me to divorce one lead actor from another. Stiller has always been very hit or miss with me whereas the legendary (who starred in the original) is one of my favorite actors of any era. It's hard for me to lend benefit of the doubt to Stiller when he's stepping into such formidable shoes. That said, it does look like the new version is going for a completely different tone and feel, so at the very least I can satisfy myself that Stiller will not simply be executing a Danny Kaye impression.

Take a look at the trailer and give us your thoughts.


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