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Brian Salisbury

One of my most anticipated films of next year is ' Godzilla. What I'm excited to see is how Edwards builds a world in which humanity struggles to deal with the presence of the monstrous lizard. It's not simply a matter of designing the beast, the humans must also have compelling stories.

Three new viral videos have landed online that appear to seek to develop just such a compelling human story. In addition, USA Today has unveiled some of the first stills from the movie. I like that the images of and make it seem as if Walter White is back to cooking, this time with Kick-Ass.

Take a look at the slew of new marketing material and let us know what you think.

Where did you park the RV, Non-Jesse?


Is this where they do Godzilla's dry cleaning?


Starting to think our weapons are not that effective against Godzilla


Via GeekTyrant


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