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Say you're an American teenager sent to live with her relatives in the gorgeous English countryside. Sounds like a good deal, doesn't it? Wallowing in the stunning surroundings, bathing in clear river streams, and enjoying romantic picnics with handsome cousins certainly seems pretty much idyllic. But then, when you least expect it, Apocalypse with a capital 'A' arrives: turmoil and pure chaos ensue as World War III unravels in Europe, and everything you know and love gets turned upside down.

That is the premise of How I Live Now, a movie directed by and based on the award-winning young adult novel penned by Meg Rostoff. The story's main character is Elizabeth (who in the trailer clearly prefers to be called 'Daisy'), portrayed by the talented 19-year-old Irish-American actress . At first homesick and reluctant about her new living situation, she soon embraces her extended family and starts to make the best out of swapping Manhattan for a country town across the Atlantic. When a string of events leads the UK to devolve into a militaristic dystopia, the only drive left for her is the basic instinct of survival, along with the desperate hope of reuniting with her beloved Edmund () after the war.

This trailer just released by Magnolia Pictures promises a riveting story that can educate younger audiences about the horrors of war while presenting a cast of compelling characters to care about, especially Ronan's with what appears to be a solid and very lucid interpretation. Have a look at it down below:

How I Live Now hits theaters on October 18th.



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