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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

Labor Day, starring and , is playing with our concept of national holidays. Unlike those über-starry ensembles Valentines Day or New Years Eve, it's not opening on the day it's referencing. It's opening on Christmas Day 2013. Oh, the confusion!

Well, at least it's not over-sentimental, over-stuffed tripe like (whisper) the other two. Labor Day is looking like a doozy, such good buzz that there's already Oscar talk surrounding it.

Anyway, the first still from the film has made it online. And you can see it below:

Cue analysis time! In the film, Brolin plays an escaped convict who stays with Winslet and her son, played by (Changeling). The photo seems to cast Brolin in a villainous light, as would befit a convict, but the still seems to exhibit a more protective side of Brolin's character, something Slashfilm have pointed out. I sense the situation with Brolin's character is far from black and white here.

Also, director has seemingly connected both ideas about the image, by saying that:

"It is meant to say both things at the same time. There is an undeniable bond, they’re both scared, but they both seem to need each other.”

In fact, it's a pretty evocative image. There's a ton of tension buried in there and I can't wait to find out more this coming Yuletide. Are we getting over-hyped from a still and a synopsis here? Or has Labor Day really got the chops to dominate this awards season?


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