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is known for having directed some of the most well-received X-Men movies to date. Now, he is signed on to direct another project in the mutant world, except this time, it's a TV show.

Singer is at the helm of the new X-Men show, , which features fan favorite mutant, Polaris, played by Emma Dumont. And today, Singer teased an image of the character from the set on his Instagram.

Fan response has been fairly positive so far, but it looks as if there is far more to come from the character. One fan replied to Singer's picture, asking, "Please give Polaris her green hair."

This comes just a day after the first teaser for the show was revealed, as well as an announcement for an official trailer to come on May 15.

For those who don't know, Polaris (real name Lorna Dane) is daughter to supervillain Magneto, which also makes her the half-sibling to both Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Much like her father, she is able to manipulate metal to her will, though her powers are not on the same level that Magneto's are. However, unlike her father, she turned away from villainy and is an integral member of the X-Men.

It seems that Singer and Fox are trying to do right by the show, not trying to reveal too much to the fans just yet. Earlier this year, Singer released another image on set for the show, this time of comic book legend filming a cameo.

But as it looks right now, the show has promise to give a brand new look to the mutants of the Marvel-Fox universe. And if it is anything like Legion, then the show is set to be phenomenal!

So what do you think? Do you like how Polaris looks? Are you excited for Gifted? What do you want to see from the show? Leave me your thoughts and more down below!!!


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