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Brian Salisbury

I love Nazi zombie movies. I honestly should have been burned out on them by now, but something about the unearthing of old wounds makes this subset of the living dead so much more interesting. While a pocket of these movies have cropped over the last few years, the one thing we really never got was a Nazi zombie movie franchise.

Wait a minute, there's the Outpost series! I was shocked when Outpost 2 was released, a sequel to the 2007 indie (and criminally underseen) military horror flick. I was more surprised when it did some legitimately interesting things with the Outpost mythology...which is a phrase I never thought I'd utter. Now, we're getting a third Outpost!

JoBlo has these first images from Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz. If you haven't see the first two, I can totally understand why you'd be struggling to muster any interest in this, but I am stoked.

Take a look at the images and tell us what you think.


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