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With the release date for Logan inching closer and closer, fans are getting beyond excited to finally watch Hugh Jackman's final outing as on the big screen. With two trailers currently having been released, the promo campaign is now stepping up a gear with a new TV spot.

For anyone who's seen the second trailer, the TV spot — which is titled "Not Okay" — isn't exactly new material, but it is a nice second glimpse at X-23 and . Check it out below:

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Seeing X-23 flip that convenience store attendant will never get old, and if this is what happens on a simple pit stop, I can't imagine what a struggle Logan is going to have on his hands with the young mutant through the whole film.

Logan is set in a time in the near future, where mutant births have been extremely rare, and the defenders of the mutants, the X-Men, are gone, save for an aging and ailing Charles Xavier — and Logan. Despite his attempts to hide away from the world, Logan's life is up-ended when a new mutant being pursued by dark forces requires his help.

Logan hits theaters on March 3


Logan is gunna be....


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