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Do you remember singing "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" to on the football field with a bribed marching band? Of course you do because this scene is what makes 10 Things I Hate About You one of the best romantic comedies ever made. Will its new spin-off, 10 Things I Hate About Life, manage to live up to its predecessor?

10 Things I Hate About Life is expected to be released some time in 2014. 10 things I hate about you director will helm the film and the original producer is also involved. According to Slashfilm, Junger has described it as "advancing the situations" of the original; but other than the title it does not seem to have much connection to the first film. Let's hope that it is not only a desperate gimmick to raise attention around this pseudo-sequel.

The new movie stars and , who have to live up to Heath Ledger's and Julia Stile's engaging and spontaneous heartthrob performance.


Vision Films has released a new photo from the film, so you can take a first look:

You can check some previously released ones here:

As its title suggests, the film has a lot darker attitude and how the characters meet is also slightly creepy: they bump into each other when they both attempt suicide.

Willow (Evan Rachel Wood) decides to end it all. In a moment of conviction, she pushes the pedal to the metal, yanks the steering wheel, and launches herself off a cliff. Moments later, as the sun is about to set, Ben (Thomas McDonell), pulls onto the exact same lookout, sits on the observation bench. Confused by the fresh skid-marks leading off the cliff but overcome by the serenely and the stunning Los Angeles view, he raises a pistol to his head, and prepares to say his final goodbye. While gathering his courage, Willow, face caked in the white powder from the expulsion of the air-bags, pulls herself back up onto the lookout, takes in the desperate man before her and say’s, “Excuse me, can I borrow that when you’re done?"

Are you up for a suicidal romantic comedy?

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