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Eszter Simor

' classic apeman has swung back to the big screen in 3D. The motion-capture animated adaptation of Tarzan (Animated) is now playing in German and Russian theatres, with a U.S. release hopefully on the way.

In celebration of this debut, Constantin Film has released a new trailer. Be warned that it is in German; but you can still take a good look at the visuals. Director was using performance capture 3D technology. As a result, the animation looks like an old (and not very good) video game.

Writers and Yoni Brenner have added an Avatar-like sub-plot to the story: Tarzan and Jane have to save their exotic paradise from Greystoke Energies, an evil and greedy company. Take a look at the trailer here:

The English version of the film features the motion captured movement and voice of (The Twilight Saga, the upcoming The Legend of Hercules) and (Resident Evil films).

(via ComingSoon)

Would you like to see a US release? Let's hear it.


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