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Some artwork for the rebooted The Crow has made its way online and it should go some way to easing any fears you might have that the movie will take a big disrespectful crap on the original. The artwork in question comes from the talented hand of James O'Barr, who wrote the graphic novel of the same name on which the movie is based. It's dark, atmospheric and very cool, so give it a look:

(via ShockTillYouDrop)

Ever since I heard that the The Crow was getting a reboot I have been nervously anticipating every update. Would the rebooted version be able to match the brilliance of its predecessor? Who could possibly step into Brandon Lee's formidable shoes? Do we even need a reboot of The Crow?

While we still have some way to go to answer these questions, the early signs are the movie is on the right track. Recruiting Luke Evans for the role of the undead avenger could be an inspired piece of casting and getting O'Barr on board as creative consultant is also a really good move.

Principal photography is set to begin in 2014, so stick close, follow me at Moviepilot and I'll bring you all the updates as and when they land.

Special thanks to @RavenMorgoth who created the atmospheric article image.



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