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Tino Jochimsen

No, dear reader you're not looking at the sequel of Snakes on a Plane, in which , after a rough crash landing, is having enough of those motherf#$ing snakes, on those motherf* mountains.

Instead you're beholding the first look of a movie called Big Game.

Concept-wise the survival thriller sounds like an ungodly mix of Cliffhanger, White House Down and The Hunger Games:

After crash-landing in the wilderness the President (Jackson) has to rely on the help of a 13-year-old nature boy () to evade terrorists who are out for his presidential scalp.

Playing these evildoers could be some of the three actors who, according to Screen Daily, have joined the Finnish-German-UK co-production, which is currently filming on locations across Bavaria and at the Bavaria Film Studios.

Joining the cast of Big Game are (Titanic), (Desperate Housewives) and (The Silence of the Lambs). The movie already co-stars Academy Award winner (Gangs of New York), (Rome) and (Head-On).


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